What sized trailer for 3 bikes?

Need to haul 3 full sized bikes short distance (200 miles max).

What's the smallest size I can REASONABLY use for the task? Don't want a bike hanging off the side or take an hour to strap them in to fit in the smallest possible.

I'm thinking less than 6x8 would be too small and 6x10 about right. Is 5' wide too narrow?

Towing with my small v6 minivan, 2,500lb towing, so I don't want any more than I need.

Probably have to rent a storage unit to store it so anything that helps that scenerio would be ideal.

Thanks :smirk:

i get 3 in a f150 with a 6 1/2' bed tailgate down. have to stagger the bikes so the bars dont rub on one another. the bed is 5'2" wide. u could make it 7' x 5' and that should give u room to stagger them enough so nothing rubs.

I frequently haul 3 bikes on a 4x8 harbor freight trailer. I did add a 6' 4x4 with eyelets and 3 harbor freight mc wheel chocks which I staggered at 6" intervals so that bars are offset for easy tie down hook up.

I use a 4x8 aswell for 2, sometimes 3 bikes. Middle bike in backwards, and the other 2 staggered. I have a set of eyebolts about 6" our (on an angle) aswell form the frame. so 5 would be fine as ti is. 4 with the eyebolds on the side would work fine. just takes a second to get it figured out.

I custom built a 5X8 with wood floor and long tongue to mount truck box to hold tiedowns, tools, oil, other stuff. I used 12" wheels with 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern, same as my truck. I would use 15" wheels next time. I got front wheel loops and staggered them so the bikes can sit closer together. I would also build with 1X2 instead of 2X2 steel tube to make it lighter. Otherwise, the size is great. Make sure the lights are mounted behind the fender, not at the rear of the frame.

I have a 6x8 with 3 wheel chocks and there is plenty of room for 3 bikes plus gear. It has 2ft rails, and the rear is removable to use as a ramp. Built it for less than $200, and that includes new wheels/tires, decking material (2x4's), and new leaf springs and hangers. Damn-near anything will pull, as it weighs less than 400lbs.

i felt like the steel mesh was a little on the flimsy side but the plywood stiffened the whole thing right up

i felt like the steel mesh was a little on the flimsy side but the plywood stiffened the whole thing right up

Same trailer I bought last year. I used treated deck boards and screwed them to the angles. It's held up well so far, besides the paint. Works good for hauling three bikes:thumbsup:

I got one of these. Put 2 bikes facing pone way and one facing the other. Only thing is you have to assemble it yourself. PAIN IN THE BUTT

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