kx100 vs klx125

Im having trouble deciding what to use as a little play bike. i currently have an 03 klx125 that i started building, have BBR fork springs, white bros pipe, pro cycle carb kit. if i keep it, it would get a high comp 150 kit, cam, KX shock and forks eventually. has anyone riden or own this type of combo? im worried my buddies CR85 will still blow me away, not sure what to expect out of the 150 kit.

now im considering selling this thing and buying a KX100. already has the nice suspension and im sure it will have plenty of power to make me happy around camp and the little tracks. down fall to this being its a red sticker, im sure it will have to be rebuilt being a small 2stroke and it will be stock and i have a tendency to prefer the more rare option.

The klx125 is meant for trails, not for racing. the kx100 is the opposite. do what you prefer to ride on. track or trail. the klx is faster in teh long run but the kx is faster in a short race, being it a 2 stroke and all. i currently own a KLX125L and i love it for trail riding.

im keeping the klx125L, for now at least. i dont really ever plant to take it to a track, mostly open desert.

thanks for the reply.

no problem :thumbsup:

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