2011 yz450f advice on break in period

So i just boutght a 2011 yz450f the white and black one its an amazing looking bike..the thing is that i've owned many bikes over 30 bikes i'd say and most of them were 4 strokes 450'fs but i've never had a brand new bike before so i dont know to much about the break in period. does it mean that i gotta ride it like if i wanted to win last place on a race.. and after the break in period do i take it to the shop to get it serviced or can i just do the servicing on my own and if so what would i need to do to it.. also how many tanks of gas or hrs on bike should i put before break in period is up.. also i bought this bike bieacuse yamaha is know for reliability but i just dont wanna start on the wrong foot

The break in procedure is right there in that brand new owner's manual.

Forget the owners manual. Run it. That nikasyl bore coating is SO strong. Give it a heat cycle or whatever before you head to the track, Then do a sight lap or two half pace, then just run the thing ilke you stole it. Exactly what I do with all my fresh motors, and on my first new 2011 kx250f, and the way my friend broke his 09 and 11 yz450's in. When it comes to motors he knows his stuff, he works at a machine shop and fixes all sorts of grenaded motors, actually where the local dealers send all their heads for valves jobs.

Edit: Oil change. Change the oil after your first ride. Just helps to insure that any burrs or anything on gears in the tranny that come out dont go floating around. Change the filter too with the first change.

My personal break-in procedure.

Check oil, check air filter, tighten bolts, adjust controls, new petrol, warm up, ride it like my brother left HIS new bike in my garage (no lugging, no rev limiter abuse). Stop every 15 minutes or so to recheck/adjust/let bike cool down, repeat for a tank's worth.

Tear down bike for greasing and extensive maintenance. Then back out for more riding.


I was sent to this link 4 years ago when I bought a new street bike, and have used it on every new bike/rebuild I have done since. The "motoman" really was obsessed with flashy HTML code, but his methods have been solid and treated me well. Just don't forget to change that oil ASAP and frequently in the beginning...

Thanks man that website gave me the piece of mind of my new engine

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