Jetting Problem

ok im new here so here i go

- i just put a new top end on my bike and i started with a 280 size main jet and it was running to rich (85 RM125F) so i put a 270 size main jet in it and adjusted the jet needle threw all the slots still running to rich, i went down another couple sizes to 260 and was running to lean even with the jet needle all the way rich so should i try a 265?

with the 260 size jet i would run great in top end but would have a hard time getting there id floor it and it would bog a little than go to top end so i do not know if it is a main jet problem or a jet needle problem should i try a 265 and all the slots or what

my bike is bored .060 over to 55.5mm and the only thing that changed when i fixed the top end was i went from a bubble top piston to a flat top piston

please let me know

thanks ill check it out

i do not believe that, that helps me in my situation i have a good understanding of carbs i would just like to know what part i should try to change first

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