xr400r shock question

my buddy recently got a 98 xr400r and upon cleaning he found the rubber bumper stop at the bottom of shock link destroyed.. he ordered a replacement one from honda... my question is... is it replacable without rebuilding the shock internals.... any help would be appreciated.

trailryder.. so your saying that the shock has to be dissassembled.... meaning i have to release the gas charge and drain the oil???

Yes the shock does have to be disassembled (dont aske me how i know this :smirk: )

. meaning i have to release the gas charge and drain the oil???

Yes. It wouldn't be good to try to disassemble it without bleeding the reservoir, as it has 142 psi on it.

You'd think they could build the shock so you could just easily remove the clevis end to R&R the bumper, but that's not the case.

Thanks guys for the info i will break the bad news to him... we are supposed to go riding tommrow guess he will be ok as long as he doesn't jump hard. from looking at the shock it looked like you could remove the bottom clevis but apparently that isnt the case..

The clevis end holds the rebound valving/mechanism and is easily damaged if not removed properly. That's why it's recommended to just disassemble the shock to get to it.

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