Kickstart Will Not Return After Rebuild????

I just finished putting my motor back together and the Kickstart doesnt return after kick it?? I put the spring back in place when I put the cover on. When I pull it back up it makes a ratchet type noise is this normal? Also I'm going to inspect it tomorrow can I just pull the cover off and leave the motor in the bike?

When removing side cover just drain oil and antifreeze right?

did you wrap the spring around once before installing it?

Just dealt with this on my Zuma. PITA.

did you wrap the spring around once before installing it?

Nope is this Nessesary?

Nope is this Nessesary?

That's what makes the kickstarter return.

I have posted this in the rm forum as well.

I have had this happen to me on my first rebuild. I am not sure if the YZ is the same or not.

Underneath the kick-start spring, there is a little white plastic piece. Make sure that it is situated properly, there is a grove that the spring will sit in and allow the rest of the spring to slide down properly.

Not sure if this makes sense or not, but look at the plastic piece and you will see.

IF you don't wrap the spring around the kickstarter it wont return properly. its a little hard to wrap around but it needs to be done.

I got it guys thanks spring wasn't tight enough!

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