Vortex CDI box

I have a 2004 KX250f which i rebuilt last summer with stage 2 hot cams, wiseco high compression piston, loud mouth intake, Rs-2 Yoshimura full exhaust, and a pro circuit water pump. it came with a vortex CDI box with 10 settings my mechanic didnt really understand it the bike rips real hard. but it is impossible to start usually starts on the 3rd kick after its been sitting for a day or 2 but if it doesnt warm up or stalls out it is near impossible to start im trying to trouble shoot this problem just ordered a big gun rev box to replace the Vortex CDI box thinking thats the problem also feels like it has no compression when i kick it which i know isnt true since it has 8 hours or less on the motor any suggestion on what is wrong would greatly appreciate it thanks....

The valves may be tight. Have you checked clearances lately? I wouldn't suspect the vortex unit. If it runs well, then that will have no effect on starting.

It does sound like a valve issue to me for the most part, and werent the 04-05 notorious for just being troublesome?

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