Is Reed calling it already?


Look at the tweet from Reed...

Chad Reed (@CRtwotwo)

5/26/11 11:42 AM

I think it's stupid that you have to share the red plate!! if it ends today are we both champion? @racerxonline @AmericanMX #lame

I was not big fan of his last year but I gained some respect for him during supercross. How can his head get so big so fast? As it has been mentioned on other threads - Reed won Hangtown last year. No secret that I am a big Dungey fan but come on Reed be a little humble here and there. I am so tired of hearing that these racers would have won if they did not get sick or injured. Injuries most likely are caused by rider mistakes. Should we discount Dungey's run last year because Reed was sick? Dungey was beating everyone by a mile in most races.

Time for Chad to show some respect for RD. Even in his supercoss speech he failed to mention RD. What would have happened if Dungey would have passed him on the last lap in Vegas (which almost happened)? Would ave forgotten the 2nd place guy?

Really trying to be Reed fan but it is very hard to do! Kinda hope RV and RD smoke him in every race.

I think you're just a little butthurt that Dungey didn't get the overall this weekend haha.

What in that tweet was offensive to you? I'm assuming he is talking about how he and Dungey both have the equal number of points, and apparently both get to wear the red plate at Freestone, even though it would make more sense to only give it to Reed because he won the overal, seeing as how Hangtown was the first race. I din't think Reed was implying that he is champion now and Dungey is not the reigning champion.

Not a Reed fan, but he did well at Hangtown this year, so did RD, it is a long season . RD and Reed will have more races to settle this, should be good. I think RD is better outdoors and it will show over the season , but i am a Dungey fan.

Simple answer as noted above... both tied on points, so the overall winner wears the RED plate. How F'n hard is that to figure out... the AMA is sooo stupid at times.

:smirk: Mr. Reed, the red plate indicates the series points leader. You and RD are tied at this point. What's the problem??:smirk:
I think you're just a little butthurt that Dungey didn't get the overall this weekend haha.

+1 and there wasn't anything in that tweet bashing dingy

Red plate goes to points leader not the overall winner, so i guess same points, is same points = 2 red plates... simple. I think it will be cool seeing two red plates out there, it wont happen often.

This isn't bashing Dungey or anyone at all. I think he's trying to be funny. Get over it.

He's not being funny... he's stating his opinion towards the system.

A red plate is an honor. In his opinion, that honor shouldn't be shared.

Yeah, it's an ego trip...


Who cares? It's a friggin' Tweet...

I am hardly a Reed fan. But, I find nothing wrong with that tweet. And expecting Reed to give respect to Dungey in his podium speech is kinda silly.

I hope Dungey wins the championship, but I am not going to ding Reed for beating him and taking credit for it. 2 red plates is kinda goofy.

I think you're just a little butthurt that Dungey didn't get the overall this weekend haha.

Yes - you got me. Wanted RD to win! Probably an over reaction on my part to Reed's tweet. But it just bugs me that he would give a sh*t about two red plates! It is going to be great competitive season. I hope everyone stays healthy and fights to the finish. It is bummer Canard is not out there. At least we do not have to deal with the announcers constantly reminding us that JS is "the fastest man on the planet".

But it just bugs me that he would give a sh*t about two red plates!
Who says he does give a shit? It's just a tweet and and an honest opinion. Reed is honest, I thought people worked that out by now. I agree with his opinion, but it such a non-issue and not a competitive comment at all.

Its stupid for them both to have red number plates. If anything since Reed got the overall at hangtown he should have the red number plate, due to he won the overall. Oh well maybe after this weekend they won't have to share it.

Be good if RV RD and CR come away from freestone texas in a 3 way tie on points then they can have 3 red plates out there.

No disrespect to Dungey there. It's the rule he doesn't like since he WON THE OVERALL!

Huge Dungey fan but i agree Reed should be the only one running it this weekend. The Dunge will claim it back tho i'm sure. Its not like this is the first instance and they are treating Dungey special. I'm pretty sure Tomac and Pourcel both had them at Freestone last year.

Why don't they just do it like supercross with the previous year's champion running the red plates all year?

think about it as if you were him. put yourself in both their shoes then see where your opinion stands. IMO I think reed should have the plate. Ive never in my life been in a sport where you get a high honor (like the red plate) for coming in 2nd. dungey came in 2nd, not first. so therefor by default he should be "second". BUT the rules say points leaders run the red plates, since they are tied. I say run two red plates.

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