03 yz 250 HELP!!!!

hey i have a 03 yz250 and was riden today and it was running just fine and then i let it cool off and tried to go and made it like 10 yards then it died have tryed 3 different spark plugs and only runs on choke now and when u give it gas with the choke on it dies out or wont rev? rebuilt it and have like 30 hours on the engine has full fmf fatty pipe on it and ifk why its acting like this

Do you have a gas filter on it? If so it could be about plugged or the gas tank could be plugged and maybe the carb is not getting enough gas in it.

Good chance you have lifted some dirt into the carb. Take off the fuel bowl (it should be full if it's getting fuel) and pay particular attention to the pilot jet, cleaning as you go.

I agree dirt in carb or the tank is vacume locked. Take the gas cap off an try to run it before you tear the carb apart and make sure your vent is not your issue.

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