yz125 fouling plugs

Hey I switched from yamalube 2r to bel ray h1r and my bike fouled a brand new ngj br9eg within 3 hours of riding. I run 93 octane with 15 ounces of premix to a 4.1 gallons. Why did it foul this plug so fast. was it the plug

It's not the plug, your mix or fuel, it's your jetting or your very low on compression. You should be able to switch oils and still have the bike run fine unless you were overly rich or lean to begin with.

You need to post back with your bikes year and current jetting.

run a br8eg

hey tommy sorry to get back to you so late. but anyway I think it was the plug it might have just been damaged. Cause I put another new br9eg and it works fine. as for compression its at 150 which is perfect for my 05. and jetting is pretty spot on

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