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XL75 Headlight Question

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Hellooo to the peoples!

I recently acquired a 1979 Honda XL75. It came as a package deal with an ATC70 for a couple hundred bucks. Both in kinda rough shape, but running. Seeing as these bikes are for kids, I don't care all that much about looks as long as they function.

The XL75 was converted to offroad use only. All the lights, the battery, and the ignition key were taken off. The bike even came with the kill switch not wired in so you had to choke the engine to shut it off. I managed to hook up the kill switch to fix that so I'm good there. I don't want to restore this thing, at least not right now. I would like to put a headlight on it on the off chance I take it out camping and might want to ride at night.

My question is about wiring in a cheapo headlight without adding all the missing stuff like the battery and winkers and all that crap that's shown in the wiring diagram. Could I wire in the headlight directly from the stator with a regulator in there somewhere? My knowledge of electricity and circuits and whatnot is sketchy at best and full of holes, so please use small words:worthy: As much detail as possible would help me out greatly. Thanks a bunch


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