Sportsman Classes - Don't Forget Last Year's Incident

"During the 2010 Baja 500 race, first time Baja competitor, Sportsman motorcycle rider Tim Nugent from Georgia, continued to race on course instead of pulling off and waiting for dust to clear after being passed by #35 Robbie Pierce’s trophy truck and didn’t realize that the #8 Roger Norman trophy truck was in the hunt to pass Pierce. The motorcycle was grazed by the right front tire of Normans truck in the blinding dust. As soon as the incident occurred, Norman stopped the truck, called for immediate assistance and got out to assist the down rider. “The accident with the Sportsman motorcycle rider in the dust has shook me to the core. I have been devastated and demoralized about off-road racing since Saturday’s race,” commented Roger Norman in an email to his fellow Trophy Truck competitors immediately after the incident. “We have all had our close calls and I can tell you that until you run someone over in the dust of another trophy truck at over 100 mph you will not understand the devastating feeling that is created even if they come out with non life threatening injuries.”

His bike...


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"grazed by the right front tire..." lol

I got chills after looking at that mangled KTM. I know racing can be exremely dangerous especially when you have cars and trucks passing at 80mph + Please ride smart guys!! See you out on the course and good luck!!

If that is "grazed", I'd hate to see a "hit".


Seems the start timing and order could be altered to avoid many of these problems....Just sayin'.

Seems the start timing and order could be altered to avoid many of these problems....Just sayin'.

Done... spread is now four hours. Still not going to fully solve the problem, but at least it decreases the probability of trucks/cars intermingling with bikes.

Edited by Justin Hambleton

Problem is that summit section, if the riders get hung up there ... and the big boys dont... we could have even bigger issues this 500. Re-running the summit wed and thurs... hopefully its better and not worse.

Good to keep the communication open Justin.... and refresh those who didn't see this last year or any carnages years prior.

I guess that safety video will never happen (that was discussed in short). Too bad, as it would be most helpful for those new to racing in Baja with 4 wheeled vehicles on the course.

... I personally think it's inevitable. There's going to be "issues". There's ALWAYS a newbie, and always an uninformed racer. A good prayer before leaving the start line always helps.

Race Safe!!

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