how much air filter oil should i put on a K&N high performance filter for yfz450?

How much air filter oil (average) should i coat a high performance K&N filter for a yfz450 with? it doesnt seem like that much, but i dont know. Thanks in advance, your responses are highly appreciated.

Saturate the sucker. You need all the help you can get! Hold that filter up to a light, and you will see that it is paper thin and full of holes.

K&N might be ok for the street, but NOT for off-road. I learned this lesson the hard way many years ago.

People seem to be OVERLY dramatic when it comes to K&N.

K&N has to filter out a certain amount of particles, otherwise, THEY WOULDN'T BE IN BUSINESS!!!

I've never had a problem with K&N. I've pulled off my K&N's that get HEAVY offroad use, and pounded the freshly removed on a clean surface. Nothing came out, how odd...? The inside of my carb's are also clean and free of grime as well. Some people man...

Just soak it and throw it on. Don't let the nay sayers scare you.

The little bit of extra performance you will get from a K&N, is not worth the risk of shorteneing your engines life! It's nothing but a freaking piece of gauze with some oil on much sense does that make? I ran them for a while, and every time I cleaned the filter I would wipe the intake out with a white cloth. There was always a film of very fine dust, that had gotten past the filter!

Get a UNI foam filter. You won't be giving up that much in terms of performance, but you will be getting 1,000% better protection.

Or, at the very least, cover a K&N with a wrap from UNI (bottom of the page)!

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