Dave's Mods question - Please help

I was going to do the dave mods on my XR650L and have done most of it and understand everything except the part about the jets. There was no chart of what jets to get for each elevation? What different size jets exist? After all, these bikes come with one jet and they are all the same - the stock one (whatever size that is) So where does one get the jets from? Because they really failed to mention that part. They talk about sea level but I don't live anywhere remotely close to sea level. I usually ride between 6000 and 9000 feet. Never lower really lower than 4000 and sometimes all the way up to 10000 feet. What jets do I need? (K&N air filter, de-snorkled)

I'm at (or just above) sea level so I can't help ya with that part

but in case it's helpful the series of jets you need are

N424-26-## (pilot)

99101-393-### (main)

with the ## representing the jet size you want

www.jetsrus.com is your friend!

Just order 2-3 jet sizes above stock for the pilot and main. That way you only pay shipping one time, and you will have an assortment of jets for future mods.

Start with 55 pilot, 155 or 158 main and see how that works.

Okay. but where do you get these at? The dealer?

Okay. but where do you get these at? The dealer?

Dude all you need to do is click on the www.jetsrus.com and go from there. Just enter your make and model in the jets section and there you go.

Okay. but where do you get these at? The dealer?

I always buy jets at the dealership. Carl's Cycles here in Boise has a good selection and the price isn't bad. They typically have what I need in stock and I dont have to pay for shipping.

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