450 model difference?

I'm looking at buying a used KTM 450 mx bike... Plan to use it for mostly desert but also some MX. What are the differences between the different models on the 450's? The two I saw were '08 models and one was a sxf and the other a xcf.. they look pretty similar, neither had a headlight that I could see...

here are the ads for reference:





Also are there any years that are better than others or that I should avoid?

Thanks in advance for any info!

umm i think the only real differences is the xcf has a 18 inch rear wheel and slightly different gear ratios? the sxf looks like its been raced and most likely flogged but has more extras and is cheaper and maybe better value?

I ride the 09 version of both bikes. I compete in the vet category in MX (on the sx) and ride mountain trails (with the xc) a lot. I have used both bikes for both purposes (xc on track and trail and sx on track and trail). Adding to the differences mentioned above, the sx is a 4 speed and the xc is a 5 speed transmission. The suspension is set up differently, and the motor is slightly different. If I had to choose between both, I would buy the sx version ONLY due to the fact that I compete in MX. If I did not compete, I would choose the xc. It is good on the MX track, and more versatile for other applications. For example, first gear on bikes are radically different. I am able to "Chug" along in slow sections of a trail in first on the xc where in the sx I am working the clutch, spinning, stalling and cursing the sx.

Great info guys, thank you!

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