DRZ 400 SM Heavier fork springs

Im trying to find a set of heavier fork springs for my DRZ 400 SM im looking for some .50kg/mm (about 226lbs kitted up ) but cant seem to find anything

I've done plenty of searching and found threads suggesting using springs from other models ect or get some customs from Cannon racecraft , most of these threads are 4-5 years old though so im wondering if by now there's springs made of this sort of rate for the DRZ 400 SM off the shelf?

Being in the UK Cannon racecraft will work out expensive , can anyone confirm whether or not any of these alternatives will fit and which is best as i may be able to source springs over here , also as most of these bikes are about 60lbs lighter would a need to go for an even heavier spring to compensate?

The bikes i've found so far are

RM 125

RM 250 01-03

RM 250 04

CRF 450 Pre 03


I picked up my fork springs and shock spring from Eddie. They had them in stock and shipped out right away.

Check with Eddie.

Or check Cannon Racecraft for springs

the SM fork springs are unique to the SM. cannon is the only source.

Ok cheers Eddie , will they know the spring dimensions ect or will i have to give them something to work with ? if so does anyone have the dimensions ??

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