2005 JR 50 bogs out

Hello everyone. Im new here and have read a lot of very useful information. I searched the forum and have read posts about problems releted to mine but could not find the solution.

I was just given a 2005 Sukuki JR 50. The bike sat in a garage for over 2 years. I put some gas in it and the gas leaked right out of the overflow tube (if thats what its called). I took off the card and completely cleaned it out. It was full of gunk.

I got the bike started last night but gas continiues to leak out of the tube occasionally. I tried adjusting the float but it still does the same thing.

The other issue is once I get it stated, it stalls a few seconds later and if I try giving it throttle it bogs out.

Any suggestions would be welcome!!

OK, I got through those issues and now it seems I have gone the opposite direction. The bike starts right up but idles very high even with the idle screw all the way in. If I start unscrewing the idle screw, the engine races. I put the bike in gear and gave it some gas, it bogs out.

Sounds like a big air leak somewhere. Also, make sure you have the carb slide installed correctly.

The carb slide can only go in one way right? It has a skinny groove on one side and a wider one on the other?

Normally that is correct, but sometimes they can be installed incorrectly and won't close. The needle needs to be in the emulsion tube also. If not, it will cause a WOT condition, but the throttle will probably feel weird too.

I have to believe its running rich. It ran great until it was warmed up and once its warmed up, I give it gas and it bogs down until I let go of the throttle - and then it recovers back to a good idle.

I have put slides in backwards by not watching closely...

Is the air filter clean?

The easy and free thing to do is adjust the needle down by moving the little clip up to the next notch, and test it again. This will lean it out through the medium throttle settings. If it is still to rich with the clip in the top position, try a smaller main jet.

Take the carb out take it apart and purchase a rebuild kit replace the float and the inlet needle clean all the jets and passages with compressed air or a brake clean aresol can wear glasses ( whats probably happening is the fuel stop isnt stopping the fuel causeing it to overfill the bowl the only out is the jets and the overflow createing a choke out make sure the air filter housing is complete they wont run right without that black cover

and check to see if the jets are the right size for your area I think stock main is 56 o yea remove one of the pilot jets should be two in there and clean the exhaust out with the rest of the brake clean clogged silencer bad performance they run dirty

Sounds like what I had happen, had this 1985 JR 50 that had been sitting for 4 years messed with the carb alot but turned out to be that some how the exhaust pipe got clogged up from sitting. The easy test is to just un bolt the header and run it with out yes it will be loud.

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