WP 5018 PDS Rear shock Servicing

I have an '02 KTM 400 EXC from new which has now logged 15,000km - mainly trail riding - and it has done about 20 (short) motos.

The shock has never been serviced and obviously it is well overdue for some TLC. (It's a poor defence I know, but I live in a remote place where suspension shops are many hours flying away).

What I'd like to know:

a) how frequently should shocks be serviced?

:smirk: is servicing a WP5018PDS a job that can be tackled at home without specialist tools?

c) can the lower bumper rubber bush be changed without draining oil or gas from the shock?

Any advice would be much appreciated

I recently learned to service the WP PDS shock, so here goes:

1. 30-40 hours

2. Yes it can be done at home, but some special tools are required. The most expensive of these (by far) is a nitrogen charging setup. I use compressed air to service mine then take it to a nearby motorcycle shop to have the nitrogen added.

Read these:



3. No. At least I don't think so.

The PDS is a bit harder to service and requires more special tools. It will still need a Nitrogen fill after the job is done. The shock bumper cannot be changed without a complete teardown unless you dismantle the clevis but it's better to have it done while it is serviced.

bleeding by hand to get out the air between the two pistons may become cumbersome.

Important tool: Piston aligning sleeve

Many thanks for your valuable advice and links guys.

Having checked the equipment needed, may end up taking the shock across to Singapore for servicing at KTM dealer/workshop there. But would like to give it go myself first.

BTW - what is the recommended oil W or viscosity for the 5018PDS shock - this seems to be a subject of confusion around sites with some saying 2.5W, 5W or even AT Fluid?

Also -what pressure does the air/nitrogen need to be at?

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Use Motorex SD-1

150 PSI n2

Take it to reputable dealer/service center.

Make sure they service the rebound needle/adjuster tube.

You'll pull your hair out if you try it yourself:bonk:

I agree it's a nightmare shock , it's by far the hardest to service out of all the shocks

I agree it's a nightmare shock , it's by far the hardest to service out of all the shocks

see, that's funny. I love those shocks :smirk:

BUT, you have to have the right tools, esp. a vacuum pump.

i do a service on those shocks faster than on any other shock meanwhile

how about the charging tool, and needle? i have seen wp made and from racetech do you need one of them? is $269 and $70 for something it looks like an adaptor :smirk:

I made a thread ages ago showing how you can charge them using parts from eBay and a normal charge rig , I think it was called charging a wp shock the easy way

Alright mog!!! thanks i will look it up see what i can make...!!!

Many thanks again for your valuable advice and links guys.

Will probably see the specialist for this one.

My WP 5018 PDS rear shock has either a PDS 5 or 6 spring, which seems about right for my weight (85kg in riding gear).

I have been riding this shock/spring on pretty standard settings for the past 9 years with no dramas. Mostly trail riding with the odd moto and some jumps.

A mate of mine has just bought a 2011 530 EXC which has a 5018 PDS shock spring rated for 75-85Kg (4.6N/mm). He is going to get a stiffer spring as he weighs 120kg (264 lb) geared up for riding and is going to give me the softer spring to use on my bike.

He recommends I should install it on my 2002 shock as he claims that there were issues with the springs on the older 5018 which has been overcome on the newer models.

Could anyone shed some light on:-

1) Would this be a beneficial swap to put a newer spring on the old shock?

2) Are there any potential issues doing this spring swap?

3) what were the issues (if any) with the old springs?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Thanks - will watch and see what info comes in.

My mate reckons any of the WP 5018 PDS shock springs from '98 to '11 will fit onto any of the shocks from those years.

the problem with this i found out is that shocks from the factory with prog springs have different valving inside than with straight rate springs, so it will not work properly with just a spring swap...

it may just need a shim shuffle to make a straight rate spring more progressive with out the linkage, i need to look more on this...maybe a stock shim stack would be nice to show that!!!

Yes - I was wondering about that issue of valving between the two shocks also. The valving would need to be different to get similar performance from a progressive spring vs a straight rate spring wouldn't it?

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just got a mail from frenzo on the thead linked above! hw said there is no propbem using both springs on the same shock in relation to valving, maybe a tweek on the HS damping....follow the thread...:ride:

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