how far in should fork clickers go on 03 yz250?

Just finished my rebuild and on one of the forks it seems the clicker gets hard to turn but doesn't hit a "stop" per say. I turned it in a good bit last night and could still hear a "click". I am assuming there is a mechanism in the cap that should stop it from turning in at some point?

I kinda boogered the screw up a little bit as well. I guess the only way to replace the screws is to replace the cap eh? It's not that bad, but just curious. Thanks.

I had that once when i filled the aluminum adjuster tube with oil to the top. It kind of hydraulic locked and the clicker wouldn't budge.

Well mine moves, just doesn't seem to hit a hard stop when turning in.

just found an old TT thread via google search saying that if the 17mm nut underneath the cap is not threaded all the way down it can cause this. Looks like I'll pulling that fork back off.

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