Gday all,

I have just purchased a 74 TM400L and looking for specification info or possible workshop manual online??

I need the following:

Fork oil + amount needed

Sprocket sizes

Carby main and pilot jet

I will be racing this bike so any further info from fellow TM racers would be appreciated :smirk:







i wish i could help you with that. but that BIKE IS SO SWEET!!!!


hey tooly, long time no here from you.. do you still have the rm400?

btw i love your tm400 great looking bike

i will assume you are aware of the ignition dramas as delivered from the factory ?

very nice example ... where did you find it ?

WOW. Nice find.:smirk:

Rob...yes mate i still race the RM400, it now has a 440 Maico piston,,yeeehaaa

Chooken,,, The only thing i know about TM400 is the reputation as the deadliest bike ever built...what is the ignition drama's??????? I bike was advertised on Ebay and i bought it :smirk:


Ohh Ok

I have alot to learn about this bike and figured someone out there must race one of these beasts...looks like its just me !!!!!!


The TM400 suffered from a bad rep yes. But it is my understanding that the foul on / off power was corrected and only the early ones suffered from it, 71/72. I think yours may be the year that the CDI was tamed and the bike was ridable. There is a vintage suzuki place on ebay (Paul Miller) and you can also google it. Here are some other links

Super nice TM you have! congratulations.

Gday Moto,

Thanks for your info.

I have ridden the bike and i didnt think the power band was so bad.

But the bike is geared at 15/45... i have no idea what is std...seems way to tall

Still everyone says buy a TS400 electrics,,,,i will try as is



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