Hmmm AirBox? Too much?

Was just wondering if it is possible to open your air box up to much?

I have done 3x3, 9 - 2cm diameter holes in plastic covering air box.

i have seen somewhere, cant for the life of me remember where i saw it, a hole cut on the other side of the air box.


Would this be over kill? Or less restriction always equals better?

mods if it means anything - 3x3, k&n,full yoshi, jetted


You can open it as much as you want but, there is no power to be gained by doing so.

In some cases, running issues can occur from side winds if you ride on the highway.

Be aware that if you open the box up more, you have to compensate by richening the jetting to suit.

wont make any more powe ron a stock motor and will require you to do your own jetting testing.

And clean the filter way more often.

Thanks heaps for your quick reply's! I guess i wont be doing it:thumbsup: thanks again

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