Access to clutch hub

I need to replace my clutch hub and plates since I am running on only 5 out of 6 clutch springs.

Can I access it all by just pulling off that smaller cover over the clutch instead of the whole side case? I would rather not drain the oil and coolant.

I know I can get at the plates but I don't know if I can get to the big nut holding in the hub.

I plan to to leave it in gear and stand on the brakes to hold the hub from spinning. Bad idea?

Yes, you can. You will want to have a hub holder in addition to a rattle gun though. You often have to remove the rear brake pedal to access it.

Yes, the trans to hold it is a bad idea.

No it is not a bad idea to use the transmission. William is referring to the use of an impact gun. The impact gun impacts the transmission and can maybe a bad idea (who would want to find out)

Yes, put the transmission in 5th gear and use the rear brake to hold the clutch hub. No problem. Torque on the nut is less than the countershaft nut plus you have some "overdrive" gear ratio in 5th that helps out.

You can access the clutch plates and the center hub from the smaller clutch access panel but you can not remove the clutch basket.

Okay, I won't rattlegun the transmission.

I'll pop off the small cover, use the brake to hold it, and use a breaker bar instead of an impact gun to loosen the nut.

Thanks for the help!

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