intelajet, anyone running them?

I love mine, picked the power up considerably on my 2000 CR250. Carb taper bored to 41+mm helped too.

I really love how I can dial it in on the fly as conditions change.

isnt that made by thunder products or something? i had looked at them awhile ago but passed it by. what kind of tuning range does it have?

Good question. I know I can tell the difference from 1/2 a turn and it has 4 turns. Thunder products is correct. I love mine. Nothing like having your carb right 99% of the time.

really want one. like really really want one. but the price is, well..steep.

as well, the tuning with it in unlimited from what i remember.

I think the best part is the auto tuning if you will. They work on accoustics. When the motor is too lean it makes more noise, ie detonation, the intelajet will fill in the lean spots as it delivers more fuel in this instance. They say to lean the carb 2 main jet sizes if you were jetted properly when installing it. I've been messing with the needle clip lately, my response had a bit of a bog that I couldn't dial out, had to lean the clip setting 1 or 2 notches.

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