Custom wound stator?

Does anyone have one?

Is it wound in Delta or Wye configuration?

Bigger diameter wire?

What is the temperature rating of the insulation?

Did it require a different RR?

Did you do it or have someone do it for you?

Where did you get it done?

Not one person has a custom wound stator? I find that hard to believe.

Not one person has a custom wound stator? I find that hard to believe.

:smirk: what the hell

Ricks stator is about the only one I've heard of , keep us posted if you find any more wattage to be had .I sure would like to plus in a heated vest but I think it's too much of a load for stock.

I had heard of a few rewinds done years ago but it was not cost effective. A few people tried to make higher output stators and that too failed. Stator output is a factore of physical stator size, wire gauge and flywheel magnet strength.

I am working with RM Stator in Canada right now. I have had repeated stator failures (three). They are trying to determine if it is design or quality that is the problem (First stator was OEM and the other two were from RM).

The stator guy at RM says he is leaning toward heavier wire, less wraps at the same output. His contention is that the heavier wire will stand up to heat and vibration better.

Monday I will know what the guy from RM proposes. Once again I have to reiterate what Eddie says, his contention is that non-ester based oils do not carry the heat away from the stator as well as ester based oils and thinks this is the cause.

My goal is simply to gain reliability. In addition to doing the free power mod, I ran a speparate accessory circuit from the battery which is activated by a relay. The relay is activated by the tail light circuit and of course the key switch.

Accessories on my bike include my gps, heated grips and occasionally my heated vest which I have since abandoned.

To free up power availability I have installed the Edge tail light and the 12O'clock integrated signal lights, I also run gxxr signals mounted to my cowling up front. My head lamp plug is turned 180* so that I can toggle off my headlight if needed (makes the switch activate hi beam or when switched to low beam the head lamp is off).

So, I've tried to free up as many electrons as possible to be able to run my toys without over taxing my charging system. None of this has mattered as I am about to install my FOURTH stator. Thus the interest in alternative stator winding.

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