im thinking of getting this biike, i am only gonna be doing trails mostly but im worried about if the electric start does not work i will be stranded. is this likely? is it worth it or is the e-start quite reliable?? Please help!

You can always push start it ... It is a worry but so is global warming.

The battery will give you signs before leaving you stranded - usually.

Ive had one for a while, keep the battery on the battery tender charger, and youll have no issues.

great bikes btw.

what do you mean by push starting it?

Put in into 3rd, or 4th gear, then turn on the ignition, press the clutch, run with the bike. After you're at a decent jog, let go of the clutch completely, if it starts, press it back right away. Some people also call it "bump" starting.

Anyways, I think if you are a complete beginner, the CRF150F would be a decent bike. It depends how strong, and tall you are. For a weaker build, it is very heavy. Maybe consider a TTR125(LE) (Yamaha) or other 4 stroke 125.

I bump start my CR 125 in first gear haha

My bro has a CRF 150f and you can definatly tell its heavier than my bike but for a begginers bike it would be good.

Have you ever tried push starting the crf150f in first gear? Not gonna happen lol.

Haha no. I run or go down a hill, pull in the clutch, put it in first and let go of the clutch. Starts every time

ye ive clutch started my yz85 in 1st gear

Ya 2 strokes, in 1st gear work. Go try push starting a 4 stroke in 1st gear. The rear wheel will just slide...

i push start my little brothers old klx 125 in 3rd gear. he just bought a Crf 150r, i havent tried push starting it yet, but its a completely different bike than the 150fs.

Exactly, Thank you. lol shoudnt of said what gear to start it in :smirk:

Ahh i gota 07 150F and its a little trouble gettin it started when stone cold but after a few pushes of the button it fires up. Never has it not worked first go once the engine has warmed up a little.

It is very reliable and like the others said, you can always bump start it and the battery charges while you ride so yeh. You'll be fine.

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