New frame no vin

I have taken on a project of building a

AF500 or CR500 how ever you want to put it

I just got the frame the other day.

But there is no VIN stamped in it to title the bike when is done

for insurance (in case it is stolen)

What do i do???

Do you have an old frame you are disposing of? If so, contact the state police and they can help you transfer the VIN. They will want the old frame completely destroyed afterwards.

Totally new/custom bike? Then you have to apply for a VIN with DMV and go though the hoops.

PITA yes, but worth it.

Where did you get the frame? is it new or bought used? You have to show proof of ownership. to the DMV and they don't like fuzzy numbers.... I personally would send it back where it came from and before the next purchase verify the frames legit history and VIN.

New, OEM frames come minus a VIN. It is the builder responsibility to transfer it or have a new one issued.

Around here you you have to file for a assembled title for a custom build the DMV gives a vin and you have to get the frame stamped.

New, OEM frames come minus a VIN. It is the builder responsibility to transfer it or have a new one issued.

I did not know that.. thought the frame was considered a vehicle no matter what and required a vin number.... but then I guess it's logical keeps people from steeling other bikes buying a frame with a title and getting a bike cheep then..

The reason they do not come with a VIN is because a frame is a replacement part. You crash your baike, trashing the frame. The parts get transfered to the new frame, the old VIN is reused. Back when I worked for Yamaha, there was a frame issue with some bike, all frames got replaced. Yamaha sent use a VIN stamping kit with extremely stern instructions. When we were done replacing the frames on the 20 or so bikes, the stamping kit went back to Yamaha ASAP. I imagine these days, they make you have the state police do it. Typically, you have to cut the steering neck off the old frame and present it with the new frame and the bill of sale for the new frame. Then they stamp it.

I know that honda will generally assign a vin number. When I worked at a dealership, there was a trx650 that had damage via a tree and the quad was insured. Long story short, the insurance claim was filed and one of the replacement parts was a frame. Honda shipped the frame to us (dealership) obviously through freight and the new frame had a sticker that had the new assigned vin number instead of behind the front bumper or the lower frame tube. You might want to get a hold of the previous owner of the bike and see what the story is.

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