98 RM 250 Water pump seal

Hey all,

So on my 98 Rm 250 desert bike I have that problem where coolant leaks into the tranny. I know I have identified the problem, but I have a few questions.

Tranny fluid is leaking like hell out of the right side of the motor, but only when it gets hot. Why?

Where can I find the parts to fix the water pump, and how much are they?

Would it be worth it to pay a shop to do it? I have a great connection and discount at the local Suzuki place.


service honda....has oem parts.........just find what you need and put it in your "cart".

On splitting the cases .............if it was me , alone , I would take off the what I could..........cylinder/head /piston/ kickstarter/clutch plates / clutch cover/flywheel cover/sprocket/clutch basket....then pull the motor out....then take it to a shop...with the parts.........( I would also replace right and left crank seals....and probably the crank bearings too.........).

I don't have the pullers , or patience ...for some stuff.....and paying for an hour or 2 of labor ...saves me some more gray hairs...I am all for it.

Now , 5 minutes from now , someone is going to chime in with the exact opposite advice.

good luck.


Thanks... Since I am going to sell it soon, I'm only worried about the parts necessary to replace. In addition to crank seals and the water pump seal, will I NEED anything else? Gaskets?

The cases need to be split and it may be a small investment putting the bearings in, but it will help with selling the bike. If you have the receipt that this stuff was repaired, you can hold on a higher price.

Typically it's just the right hand case that needs to come off. One gasket, no drama. Then you will want to replace the impeller shaft, seals and bearing.

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