Noob Engine Woes

Here is a little background info to start: Bought a stock 05 sm a few weeks ago and seems it never really idled smoothly. It has about 2k mi on it so I'm assuming it sat for quite a bit. The only things I have done are changed the oil and put some seafoam in the tank to see it that would help. Plus a new battery. It was running but I think it could have been better.

New problem: It sat out in the rain for a few days and now it will idle but the engine will die if I give it any throttle. My experience is extremely limited to say the least. Any suggestions or info on how to get her back up and running again is appreciated.

My immediate guess is your carb is gummed up. Time to open the air box and rejet that sucker (its a pretty easy DIY job and shouldn't cost you more than a couple of hours and about $75).

Bike should not only run better, but stronger too.

Good luck.

Sitting out in the rain for a few days probably means it got water in the airbox and airfliter.

start with the FAQ's at the top of the drz400 page. tons of helpful info. clean carb, tank, and fuel line at the least.

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