Baseline Sag Numbers?

Coming from the street side of things. When setting up a dirtbike do you guys use any kind of baseline to start when setting up a bike?

Something like with 5-10mm of preload on the spring(s) you should have 35mm static sag and 105mm rider sag?

I've been searching and while I could find some info for the rear, there isn't hardly any info dealing with the forks.

I understand that the way the bike is being used will change the numbers some, as will the riders skill level. I'm not looking for anything written in stone, but want to try and see if the springs on my new to me WR450 are in the ballpark.

Thanks in advance for any help, or even a link or two if this has been beaten to death and I didn't see it in my searches.

on mx I look for 55mm but for woods I feel upto 75mm is more the norm

I guess those are rear rider sag numbers?

What static sag numbers do you look for?

What about the front?


Front - 75mm

Rear - 95 to 105mm

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