What piston to buy ?

Ive been searching on for a good answer for hours now and the topics of the threads always seem to go on to a different subject :smirk:

So what are the good brands to buy , im not looking to add power

Just need a reliable piston that is at a nice price ..

Do i just go and get OEM ?


I've always used OEM....works just fine

My buddy who is a master M.C. mechanic ownes his own shop and has been in the business for 30 plus years only uses Wiseco. He said they are just as good or better then OEM and a lot cheaper.


I used the OEM last time because the package has it all.

150€ for piston and gaskets.

How much cheaper is the wiseco if you take the piston and gaskets?

Do they come in the same package?

I went with CP

Thanks for the reply's , went OEM ..

Hope it lasts a good while (this hobby aint cheap LOL)

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