Xr65or tapping noise at idle (newbie)

Hey guys I just got a 2000 xr650r for driving to work and I love it. It has been uncorked and jetted and also has a full big gun exhaust and K&N filter. My question might be common knowledge but I have noticed a tapping sound when I start it sometimes. It sounds like the decompression tapping and usually goes away after a minute. The decompression lever does not move when the tap can be heard and I start it with full choke when cold. I also have ams oil 15w50 in it. If I kill it after it warms up (I ride it for a while) and start it again it wont make the noise. The guy I bought it from said he just had the valves adjusted and oil changed. Is this noise normal because it's a dry sump engine? Thanks everybody.

?? Nobody knows?

Does it sound like it is in the top of the motor ? valves? Does it quiet down after it gets warm ?

The de-compressor on the cam will make that noise when they start getting worn.

I would replace it or buy a stage one hot cam to eliminate the knocking sound.

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