What is the handlebar bend on a stock 150F?

I like the bend of the stock bars on my '05 CRF150F. I'd like to order a set of aftermarket bars that are the same bend. I'm using the stock clamps. Are they CR low bend? Who has ordered a set of aftermarket bars with an identical, or similar bend? --L*64

How tall are you? If you are on the shorter side of avg, you may want a similar bend.

IMO, the stock bars are too narrow and short for the average size rider. For my size, it made the bike feel like a "junior" size bike, relative to my other bike (WR250F). My girlfriend uses the CRF230F and she is 5' 8" tall and likes the set-up with a taller, wider bar (CR High).

The stock bars are heavy, cheap, soft steel. I replaced them with an inexpensive ($27.99) set of Tusk T-10 aluminum, red anodized bars from Rocky Mtn ATV-MC. I chose the CR High bend and they look great, feel great and were interchangeable with all the stock parts.

The stock bar weighed 2lb 3oz and the aluminum bar weighs 1 lb 9 oz. You can pay more and buy a name-brand bar and save a little more weight, but the Tusk bar is good quality and durable, for the price.

Bar bends are a personal taste, everyone likes something different. :smirk:

I'm only 5'5, and I use the bike for MX on pit bike tracks. Do you know what bars mimic the stock bend? --L*64

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