Driven Racing Handlebars

I've not used those but I can can you what to expect.

Those bars will have a little more flex than steel or aluminum. They will not transmit vibes to your hands. They will not bend but they will break apart. All depends on the amount of impact. What you end up with is all or nothing. No damage or shattered bars. Not a good thing when on the trail, not a big deal on the track. I stay with chrome moly myself. A bend is better than no bars.

Wow, they sure look bitchin!

They do have an aluminum base so they may not be all that bad.

Ooh I thought they were all carbon. So the weave is just a looks thing.

Ooh I thought they were all carbon. So the weave is just a looks thing.

I'm not sure. My objective is looks but not if it means towing it the first time it hits the ground. I guess I'll be the guinea pig and report back on durability. :smirk:

I like them !!!

The web site said they have a light gauge aluminum core. On its own it would probably be too weak but once wrapped in fiber it becomes extremely strong. And the aluminum should keep them from splintering and breaking in a crash.

woe how much?

$116.99 right now. All the info is in the link in the original post.

No clue on the bars but I have used other Driven products before and they're rock solid. I'd run them!

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