Yz vs Wr handeling

Im building a basket case and i have a 2000 yz 426 and a wr 400 i want to build the wr out of the best of the parts that i have, Im using the 426 motor but i want to know if there is any difference in the frame geometry or handeling between the two, has any one rode these bikes side by side? Im a wooda rider so i want the wr trans mission. :smirk:

Which one currently 'works' best?

I have a yz 426 and love it. So that's my preference declared.....

However, I think you need to start with what working bits you have on each, then figure out what that makes. I don't like the wr geometry, personally, so would go for a working yz, but that's me.

I think you will find the WR transmission will fit into a YZ motor.

YZ handling is probably better for what you want to do.

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