Hammerhead Rear Brake Lever location???

I recently put the hammerhead rear brake lever on my 09 yz250f and it seems that it is positioned really far off the engine case! I don't even know how I'm going to ride it with how far out it sticks from the bike w/ 14 boots.

Does anyone else have this lever or know about the location of the lever. I cant imaging that this is how it is produced.

Here are two pics of it from the top.



I don't have one but now I wish I did. They are made for big ol' Flintstones like yours. Have you ridden it yet? I made a bigger cleat for my pedal and it sticks out farther than that and I love it!! I don't have to go searching for the pedal it's right there.

Maybe I really need to go out and spend some time with it??? I know that I have a hard time accidently hitting the rear brake with the rear lever that is a inch closer to the bike.

Yeah definitely try it out. It may be one of those things that is awkward at first but once you're used to it you'll never go back. Do you ride with the ball of your foot on the pegs or like the arch of your foot? Try riding with your foot back a little and see how you do

I have one on my 07 KX250F.....and it up close to the engine just like the stock one was......I see the idea that it is staight in line with your footpeg......Try it and see what you think........I would run a brake snake for sure........keep us posted........

Tried it for a while Wednesday at the local track. No way this is the way it is supposed to be. I had to have my foot pretty much sideways to ride without my foot rubbing extremely bad on the lever tip and caught it a few times in rough jump sections.

Maybe a smaller tip would help catching it, but being closer to the frame would be much better. Not to mention how far out this is it is going to get caught on everything, brake snake or not.

I ride with the ball of my foot when I can, but being 6'4" it gets hard sometimes getting my legs bent back to the ball of my foot in some situations... Tall SDG firm seat with lowboy fastway footpegs help a lot though. Pegs are set a little swept back also so in the pic it looks like the lever is in line with the pegs, but its not.

I switched back to the stock lever and had zero issues. I thought that having the tip location adjustable would help with big boots and clearing the brake?

I need to call hammerhead and talk to someone about getting this figured out since this is a strange design.

Does anyone have John's email so I can send him something instead of talking with Greg who seems to forget about things pretty quick.

Craftsmanship is amazing and I would like a pedal that fits right.

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Yeah I have to say...there is something wrong.....A fair warning ....Hammerhead customer service is not the greatest.....sad but true.........I hope you can get it straighten out.......Just like you said....there stuff is good......

Sent a email to everyone that I could find from hammerhead today. Just need to wait to see how long it takes to get a response from someone?

I heard back and it ends up that the 250/450 lever is the same minus a spacer that gets installed on the 450. The cases are wider on the 450 so this lever sticks out on the 250.

The lever is made for the 450 not the 250 I assume.

They are designing a new one right now and it will be available in 2 months from what I was told.

I can get 50% off a new one when it comes out I guess, but cannot return this one for a refund since I installed it and used it once...

Received another email back and they are going to refund the lever completely. Good news since now I am going to buy the new one when it comes out hopefully soon.

That's good news!! Hopefully they will hold true to their word

Seems like Hammerhead has worked on their customer service.:ride:

^Wow..thats pretty good customer service....I am glad your getting a new lever.......:ride:

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