how do i get this off?

What works good to get duck tape off this old back fender?

I tried some break clean a a razor blade b2011-05-27_11-54-02_509.jpgut the yellow started to peel off. Is it even worth it or should I just buy a new one.

Oops my phone cut the text in half my bad

Try WD40, it's a great solvent.

mineral spirits

There is a product called "Goo Gone". ITs amazing for this type of stuff.

Maybe try some on the underside of the fender first to make sure it does not wreck the plastic

Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Goo gone works great for this kind of thing.

ha duh i knew that! i have some of that too i use it all the time.

i think this thumper talk Mobil is making me think less lol

Gasoline. Just pour some on a rag and just wipe it till it comes off. The gas will dissolve the gooey stuff

you goo gone worked like a dream. you can see where the paint got chipped off but for now it looks way better.


Lacquer thinner works great too.

keep that in mind for next time thanks man

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