Adolf Weil passed away


One of the great ones, God bless

Though I did not know about or have ever even heard of Mr.Weil before this thread and the article since it was way before my days of keeping up with racing I truly respect all of the old timers who pulled their own weight through the ranks of MX.

I mean just looking at the pics in the article made me realize that these guys were badass dirt bikers that not only did most of their own wrenching, driving to the tracks, camping out instead of cushy hotels and big rigs but their heart was in it for the passion of racing instead of making big bucks, looking all cool for the ladies and acting like everyone is beneath them. They were racers to the fullest sense of the word! RIP Adolf Weil

Sad to hear and time waits for no man ...

This guy battled DeCoster and Mikkola and others , all in their hay day ... RIP and your life and bike riding well done MR. Weil ....

BadA$$ yep and when they were finished racing, most were friends ... Mikkola said that the first time he beat DeCoster (due to engine trouble) for the 500cc crown, DeCoster was waiting for him at his trailer with a bottle of champagne ... This ain't happening today ...

One of the GREATS. R I P.

I should dig through my old photos. I took a picture of him in Germany back in 1977. He was battling with Marty Moates on a big old natural terrain track. :smirk:

RIP......No, make that MIP. (Moto in Peace). :smirk:

Godspeed AW.

Only us crusty veterans know who he was and how fast he was.


Only us crusty veterans know who he was and how fast he was.


yep :smirk: he will be remembered :smirk:

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