Chadwick Memorial Weekend..


Anybody riding at the 'Wick this weekend?

Kind of a late notice I know, but.. I'll be there in the morning hopefully by 10:00AM, and again on Sunday. If there's interest and someone looking to ride, I may even be able to limp around some again on Monday, but how much will depend somewhat on how Saturday and Sunday go.:smirk:

Didn't ride Saturday after another 1/2+" of rain Friday evening, but went today. For a holiday weekend the place was practically deserted. Me, group of trials riders, and a coupla other trucks was the crowd at Camp Ridge. Few people over at KC, but not all that many. Seen turtles, turkeys, a small Copperhead, and several quads.

Ended up riding by myself, but was still a pretty good ride day all in all.:smirk:

Me, I had to work the whole weekend.:smirk:

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