Garage Sale

All is sold except springs and muffler.

Muffler sold.

Hey guys,

Having a bit of a garage sale.

I have a factory muffler system that has about 5 minutes on it. Been sitting on the side yard for the last year. Should be in perfect shape. 00 426. The main gasket to header pipe is gone. Clamp location unknown but I save everything so I'm sure it's there.

I also have a factory header pipe. No dents, but the shield may have a little bend in it, and it's missing one screw. Probabaly has about 50 hours on it. Will not clear oil filter.

I also have a set of .46 and .43 springs fork springs. The .46 are factory. The .43s are Eibach. Should fit all later model YZ forks.

And I'm more interested in providing these to someone who really needs them. So cost or price is not an issue. Perhaps if you cover shipping I'll send 'em you're way.

Oh, and don't use the .43 spring unless you weight less than 130. In other words, springs won't fix your harse ride.

I also have an extra throttle tube, (factory) a seat cover, some grips...etc.

Stuff that just needs a good home.


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