#%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

The 01 650r was running rough on sustained mid rpms (cruising down the road) and would then die at a stoplight when warm. I ripped into the carb for the first time since I've had her and noticed I had a 175 main and the jetting chart suggested a 168. So I run to the parts store and buy the main, clean the carb and reassemble, now that it's put together it runs SUPER ROUGH like a Harley with no exhaust with an added bonus of thick dark smoke.

any ideas on what I did wrong. does anyone have good pictures of the re-assemble that I can use as a cheat sheet?:smirk:

I'll give many rep and praise.


Assuming your mechanical work is correct look for an air leak. Squirt fluid around the intake rubber coupling. Look for the easy stuff 1st.

I can't kee it idleing, its full throttle or off. it seems really rich thanks!

what else has been done to the bike? Pipe? Modded airbox ect? Just kinda wondering why a bigger main. Did you check to see where the clip was on the needle? Check fuel screw?

It's got stock exhaust but the after market tip (i didn't do it) it was de-smogged, so that's about it. it's screwed two turns out

needle in middle won't run long enough to test for air leaks. I assume gas werping out of cylinder wall on driverside

Sorry for all the broken posts, I've been posting from my phone. I've had a beer and am at the computer to calm me down a little.

It still won't even come close to idle and sustained rpm's are very rough. Held it running long enough to run some smoke around the carb and didn't see any signs of air leaks. It's really rich it seems. There is is fluid weeping from the left side of the cylinder (assume it's gas) it's smoking like crazy and I have to hold the throttle wfo for it to fire. I've already taken it off and put it back on once after checking everything again and I just can't tell what I've done wrong. If it'll help I took some pictures of the bowl and float.

You didn`t lose the needle jet by accident did you ? My bike was running just how you are describing because the needle jet was not in there. When I first cleaned my carb I just ASSUMED all the parts were in there and put it back together like that a few times :smirk:

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mine was not keeping idle either, throttle or off. i got some rubber caps and plugged the lines on the carb, except the drain, and that did the trick, but then again...maybe that was luck or something bad bout to happen. dont know wich yet! good luck!

try what he said. Also check the float level. Check needle and seat for wear.

needle and seat look fine, and are present and accounted for. The float was dragging on the metal frame work type stuff that's around the main so I fixed that and am hoping to try again with an assembly.

Someone mentioned my main may be wrong? I used the PigPen diagram for Michigan, I'm at about 800ft so I used 1000 and 80degrees for temp to get a 168. Not right?

Don't take this wrong but your choke is in the "open" position, right?

I know some folks who have been confused which way is open or closed.

Did you get the right brand of jet? The names of the sizes vary from one brand to another and you might have accidently gotten a really big jet. Also, check to be sure you have the jets screwed in all the way. I just went through the exact same thing with my XS1100 - two pilot jets weren't screwed in all the way and it ran rough and smoked. Screwed them in and no problems:thumbsup:


is there supposed to be a little brass thingy in that hole where isn't one? My father in law found something on my work bench that could be described as one of those. and now it is gone:bonk:. Must have fallen out when I was cleaning the carb and I didn't notice it. he found it while we were doing his brakes on his truck.

I have all my jets. I need someone to take a look at that picture and tell me if there is a brass piece missing. If anyone knows what it's exactly called or where I can get a new one I'd really appreciate it.

It says this photo is private

Yes your missing your needle jet, just kidding the pics don't work.

sorry flickr settings had it private. Try it now. And thanks for taking the time to look.

My carb looks the same as yours. Mine starts on the first kick all the time and runs great, so that is not your problem.

My carb looks the same as yours. Mine starts on the first kick all the time and runs great, so that is not your problem.

cool, I found a little brass 'straw' that looks like it would go into that hole but maybe I don't need it. Hopefully my adjustment on the float is the ticket and I'll put it back on tonight.


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