wee kx blown out water

hi folks.i just bought a non running wee kx 60 to fix up.i was told that it needed a head gasket so i put a gasket in it and changed the oil[it was cream colour and thick].anyway put some water into the rad[it only took a cup full]and push started it[needs a kickstart lever].it started and run badly like it wasnt getting enough fuel.also steam was coming from the rad overflow pipe.the bike stoped so i put more water in the rad.again it only took a cup full and started it again.this time i watched the rad pipe and the water just blew out off the overflow pipe.i dont want to start it again as i dont want to blow the gasket.what should i look for to cure this problem.also some oil leeked out during the night and it was cream colour.not sure if water is getting into the crank or if it was some of the old oil still in it.im not a mechanic but have played around with my own bikes in the past.

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