2007 250SX-F suspension

Hi I am 6'1" and 230lbs without gear on. Which spring rates would you guys recommend for my 07 SXF250?

Stock springs are 4,4 for fork and 63 for rear shock.

Mx-tech spring generator gives me 4,8 for fork and 80 for shock. Are these values correct?


.48's and 8.4 would be a better balance IMO

my chart says 0.47 and 8.1

Thank You. What is the length of the front fork springs? Is it 455mm? Does anyone know KTM part number for 4.8N springs that will fit to 2007 fork?

Since I lost some weight the replaced springs feel too stiff now. Which spring rates would you guys recommend for my 200 lbs (90 kg) weight without gear on? Will be combination of 4.6 N/mm in forks and 72 N/mm shock spring good combination? I still have stock valves in both.

What have you got ?

Now i have installed 4.8 N/mm in front forks and 80 N/mm rated spring in rear shock, so I definitely need softer springs.

0.47 and 6 7

I have std spring as 6.4 rear ?

That chart was s tech ,the k tech chart says 7.6 and 0.45 lol

Thanks mog for tips, but now I am more confused than before...  :lol:

Do you know what's std ?

Stock springs on 2007 model are 4.4 N/mm and 63 N/mm and with them installed rear shock felt really soft. On 2010 model the stock springs are 4.4 N/mm and 69 N/mm. After reading this topic (http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/364281-07-250-sxf-suspension-set-up/), it looks like 4.6 N/mm and 76N/mm will be the best choice for me.

Yes this agrees with k tech and they say 76nm rear and 0.45 front but 0.46 sounds closer to me

Thanks for your help.

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