Will the Problems in Japan affect our bikes?

I was wondering if this will delay the 2012 model production? I don't think the plant was near the damaged areas but they are hurting for power over there which will affect most. Any idea when the new models will be released also??

Hi I'm not sure about new bikes, but I have noticed and have talked to a lot of owners who are finding spare parts are getting low. My local dealer has not has in a few stock parts in which they should have had loads of .I just sold my KTM to get a WR450 at the wrong time .

Still love the bike though still much better than the 450exc that I had.


interesting... but it shouldn't affect the release of the 2012 wr450's. There's plenty of leftovers from prior years. They can go to almost any print/graphics shop and get some BNG to put on the bikes that are already in the dealerships.

I don't know about new models coming out but I know alot of parts ( jdm/oem) are and still on back order

2012 bikes supposed to be produced by now

so if production starts now they will be sold in 2012 a few months in at least

I am just hoping for a new WR450 that is fuel injected with the backwards engine, so I can buy one and sell my 06, have people lined up waiting to buy it.....

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