Cornering suggestions

I have a little MX practice track at my house. The soil type is hard pack sandy loam (very hard packed, had horses on it for two years). There is a flat corner into a double double. I can hit this corner fine when dry, not real dry or it is slick. When it is wet or standing in water I keep loosing my front end while on my KTM 450 EXC. I can do it alot better on my YZ 290. I have a nearly new MX51 up front. I have tried sitting up near the tank and mid seat but really don,t execute this turn worth a crap say on a percentage basis. My main prob occurs if i come in too hot, if I even tap the rear brake the front end turns in and the bike shoots out, if i stay off the brake it is better but have potential to blow the soft burm that has formed. Got any suggestions? I sure would like to rail this turn whether dry, standing water, or perfect conditions. Thanks! :smirk:

Sounds like you need to lean even more over the front (put your manhood up to the gas cap), and lean over the bars- more weight on that front tire. And weight that outside peg. Also, I use the rear brake dragging technique a lot for these situations.

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