Hi from downunder...Have been riding my 2000 WR now for 3 months without a problem and all of a sudden it wants to die after a min riding or idling. Goes ok initially then has all the symptoms of running out of fuel.Rest for 10 mins and it will start again and go thru the same again.

Checked the plug and it was a blackish colour.

Had the carby bowl off and checked the main, pilot and needle jets..seemed OK. Information I know is running a 'Stayintune' pipe and 42 pilot jet,65 starter jet,165s needle jet. Sorry ...only learning about these things from this great site.

Any suggestions!!


Have you checked the fuel filter in the gas tank?

Also, pull the plug and make sure you still have spark next time it shows those symptoms.


does it have a dualsport kit on it? If it does you may need to check the dualsport on off switch. I had this problem once. the coil was not getting enough juice to make much of a spark. Something worth checking.


This is going to sound strange. But check your gas cap vent hose. If it is pinched off or plugged it will not allow the tank to vent and it will form a vacume in the tank and stop the gas from flowing. Ive seen it happen with an xr650.

It will do exactly what you are describing if it is pluged.

thank you for you quick responses fellas. I actually had a break through today after a discussion with a bloke. I explained the symptoms and he told me that the air filter may contain to much filter oil( i did a filter oil change a month ago). I ripped the seat off and ildled my beast without the filter in and it ran fine. I then got rid of the majority of the oil with a rag and some petrol and took it for a 45min spin, ran great...so far...

tctrailrider, i checked the fuel filter in the petrol tank, unclogged it and had no affect, it was fairly plogged up though. thanx

lewichris, im pretty sure i dont have a dual sport kit, thanx

yzman, petrol is getting to the carb with ease, i have vhecked it many times. i did notice a while ago that the engine breather hose has a restrited pathway so i got some cable ties onto it, it is a little better now but i will keep an eye on it , thanx mate :)

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for carb settings on my Wr400, staintune pipe, lid off, throttle stop removed, 42 pilot jet,65 starter jet,165s needle jet, not sure of clip position, will have a look though? thanx

When I went to YZ timing the guys here suggested I go with the YZ jetting below in my sig.

As long as your not in high altituide you should love it! I did. :)

Its almost like a complete transformation of the bike. :D

Thanx moMilkman,

what is this buisness about a grey wire ?? YZ timed ey, my bike already goes great but i would like the extra zing ofcoarse. Is YZ timed much of a hasle to change to? i have seen on web sites how to do it. Im at sea level, i would have to change my jets though i think? Are jets expensive? WOuld i have to redail my air and fuel screws plus clip setting? :)

IMO, I wouldnt even mess with the grey wire mod. Others on here have said it changes the ignition curve (is that right? :)) somewhat. But I cant tell a difference. Some like it, and some dont.

Basically, its just unplugging a wire the comes out of your CDI (black box).

I just unplugged it and left it. Makes my sig line look cooler. :D

I was very nervous to do the YZ timing change too, but if you follow the instructions step by step and watch out for those half moon cam cap retainers that like to fall out when you pull the cam caps off, then you will be home free.

Just make sure when and if you do it, you have plenty of free time ahead (no races/rides coming up). Its one of those things that if you know what your doing you could do it in 30 minutes, but if you dont, then you want to take plenty of time and ask lots of questions. Believe me, its worth it.

It will unleash the monster within.

I have heard some say that you need to re-jet to YZ specs when you go to YZ timing and others have been fine with WR timing. I guess it varies from bike to bike.

Mine kept fouling plugs until I went to YZ jetting.

Jets arent that expensive in comparision to what you get out of the bike when you are finished. Theres not one mod that you can buy on the market that will give you the open power of YZ timing/jetting IMO. I'd say all the jets that you will need to run yz jetting will cost about $30 minus shipping.

WOuld i have to redail my air and fuel screws plus clip setting?

Im not sure I know what you mean by redial. But yes, you have to change the needle clip setting. As a matter of fact, you dont just change the clip poisition. Along with all the jetting comes a new needle! :D

kinda in a haeavy riding period at the moment mate so i may leave it for a while. Tell ya what though, sick of my fork seals blowing, i have the seal savers on and today i put some grease between the seals, hopefully ill have more luck. :thumbsup:thanx Mate

Don't let re-jetting scare you...unless you are already dialed in it needs re-jetted anyway. While some may argue (in vain IMO) that the stock jetting is fine you will notice a major improvement when properly set up. Long story short, you need to rejet anyway so you might as well change to YZ timing and rejet only once.


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