1989 Honda cr250r Problems

I have just recently have had problems with my 1989 honda cr250r (2 stroke)

about a week ago, i fired up the bike, let it warm up etc... then i filled up my gas tank with older fuel (from the middle of winter) after i put the fuel in it, it would not start. i drained the rest of the gas out of it, let it sit for a week, but when i came back to it, it was semi-seized (it only took a little bit of pressure to unseize it) now the only way i can get it to fire is to pour gas into the cylinder, and after it fires once, it won't start again. i will take the plugs out and the plugs will be coated with a a brownish fluid. (at first i thought it was tranny fluid, but i realized it was too thin, and smelt like gas) any ideas on what i should do, or what the fluid is???



If you seized the motor you are going to have to out a new top end in, you may even need to bore it also.

Use fresh fuel and make sure the air cleaner is clean.

You may also have a blown head gasket

you put old junk fuel in it the fuel goes bad in 1 month. it doesn't want to burn. it probly made your needle stick open and the motor was full of fuel making it feel like it was seized. clean your carb and make sure the pipe is not full of fuel and use some fresh fuel and i bet it will run.

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