Arm pump but no question

I have dealt with arm pump so bad that I was almost was thinking about selling my bike. Have not ridden in months and today I went to the same track as always (indoors). Had vey minimal arm pump. I rode more today than 3 days of riding before. Now here is the only only difference. I am 3 days on the Atkins diet, No carbs. And also I drank no soda, just 3 bottles of water to the track, I stay thirsty on this diet. So do you guys think any of these had anything to do with it.

I would think that wouldnt make that much of a difference. Honestly, diets aren't that good but you should try to cut out soda and eat more fruits and veggies. The water may help but it's probabaly just a freak thing.

Hope it wasn't a freak thing, I was loving life.:smirk:

Yes. it was not a freak thing. Hydration has a lot to do with arm pump in a sort that it is muscle cramping or tension. Fad diets suck.. But a healthy diet or a healthy way of eating is key. Caffine in sodas dehydrate you.

Your body is made of 70 to 80% water. It needs to be flushed and the toxins carried away and the fresh clean water replenished.

If your urine is medium to dark yellow. You are dehydrated and carrying a ton of toxins in you body. If your urine is very ligh yellow to clear, then the opposite. All this aside from supplements that make dark yellow. And I'm not talking about the color after its been diluted in toilet water.....

Your muscle will cramp easy and muscle pump occur quickly without hydration. In simple terms. I could write on this forever and explain anatomy and physics and such, but it had everything to do with your change in diet, hydration. And you are probably exercising more to boot

Are you taking the piss........:smirk:

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