"Best in the Desert" Bajamex 300 (photos)

This weekend I raced the Best in the Desert Bajamex 300. I'm trying to get the overall championship and in order to do this I had to race the event. The course was very rough, full of rocks and silt, their were however sections where you could open it up. There were a few sections where we got to ride along the beach which was really cool. I started the race around 6am in fourth position out of 8 Expert Ironmen. For 200 miles I led my class (but didn't know it at the time)I noticed a fellow racer "Troy Walker" on his 525SX creeping up, I tried my best to keep the lead but exhaustion (s?) kept me from fighting any more, he got by me, miles later I caught him back and held the lead only to have him pass me again, this went on for a couple of hours. Finally I had to pull over to grab a Powerbar out of my fanny pack because I was blacking out (it was hot and even my 100oz Camelbak wasn't enough, I came across some campers that didn't speak english but somehow I managed to get a cold Gatorade and a bottle of water from them, I feel this was the only way I could continue.. I owe those people big time.... I remember falling off course into a ditch and stalling my bike, I don't care what anyone says about the electric starter, when you've overheated yourself and your out of water you'll appreciate the button, it is priceless....

After all the dangling around the racecourse I was sure that I was in almost last place, it turned out that I was letting go of 1st..

Many times on the race course I would have to ask ranchers which way to go, sometimes the turns were not marked (or locals tore down the markers) you'de just have to trust them. The course sent us on the highway, it was like supermoto... At mile 230 I could barely hang on anymore, and I didn't care about what place I came in, I just wanted the day to end, I was hot,thirsty,hungry,frustrated and had a headache all day... I wanted off the bike..

The biggest problem about my day is that I didn't eat before the race, Dumb mistake.... I drank a few Coors Lights the night before ,Dumber mistake....

Finally, I got back into Ensenada, at the finish line I noticed Troy Walker and his 525 siting at the finish, he'de just taken off his helmet, he would end up beating me by two minutes.... :D This one will take a few days to get over....... He won and I got 2nd...

Things I learned this weekend:

1) Always eat a full breakfast before riding or racing..

2) Don't drink beers the night before a race.

3) Race gas made my bike run very clean, this was my first race using race gas, I started with regular pump gas, 100 octane race gas was added from pit one on... My WR never ran so good, nothing but gobbs of smooth clean power... I love my bike......


This is me lined up at the start..


Me and Casey Folks.....


The finish line, interview with the OLN channel..


Joey Lanza and Kurt Caselli

Congrats to team KTM the overall win. Team Honda didn't even show up for the awards ceremony :D:)


Nice Work but with a little breakfast and no beer you could have taken 2 minutes out of the winner. :)

Congratulations Dan!

BTW, is that the IMS 3.1 gallon tank you're running?

Congratulations Dan! Your winning efforts will also help to keep the resale value of our WR's up......

Ride on! :):D :D


sounds like it must have been hell but you done good!

leave that orange pumpkin in the dust next time.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Way to go DAn!! I'll have to join you one of these times

Great job Dan! That sounds like a hell of a race. In endurance events like that, you know never give up and always put in your best ride. Nice pics also.BTW have you ever heard of Gu? Its like goo in a small packet. Bicyle racers use it sometimes instead of powerbars because you can carry them easily and its easy to digest. You just need to wash it down with a swig of water. Once again, good job.

Way to go Dan!

It was 98 degrees out there and a tough course.

We were doing the checkpoint at mile 250. I was the checkpoint guy jumping up and down trying to tell you that you were right behind the KTM guy.

There were a few small problems with the markers but the thunder storms and wind the east side of the course had were pretty severe. And the flooding during when the cars went thru...wow what a mess!

I was out by mile 12 before 6am to check an area the markers kept disappearing and had to again remark it. I was still stapling arrows during the first few bikes. It's always a mess (markers) anyplace around towns.

We were really expecting some IronMan riders to stop to rest so Jen made up a pile of sandwiches and we had many gallons of water, drinks, and fruit for riders. Mike stopped by as did 4 other guys. We were a checkpoint but it was more like we were there as a pit stop without fuel!

Hope you still had fun! You definately did well!


it was hot and even my 100oz Camelbak wasn't enough

You Sir, are a machine!!! I can easily drain my 100oz'er in 50 miles at race pace(snail pace?). :D

I'm going to try and chase points in a local series next year (oldslowbeginnerguy class), and your effort is truly inspirational.

Congratulations, and good luck with that overall. I'm rootin for ya! :):D :D

Way to go Dan. You didn't quit and finished 2nd! :)

Next time though, EAT BREAKFAST!!!!! :D I did the same thing at the Virgina City Grand Prix(didn't eat breakfast) but, I only had to do 66 miles and finished somewhere near the lower part of the middle of the pack. :D

At least, I know what it feels like. Man, I have to give you big time credit! Congrats on a great finish. You can use it as a psychological advantage. Just tell the other guys you did 300 miles before breakfast! :D



Good race story Dan.

2 questions:

1) What was your total race time ?

2) How does one insert photos in a post ?

Guys, thanks for all of your nice words!!!! You guys are the best!!!

Nice Work but with a little breakfast and no beer you could have taken 2 minutes out of the winner.

Yep... That's why I'm so frustrated.... :)

Dave, Yes that's a 3.1 IMS with a drybreak.. I'm not in love with it. Somebody really needs to come out with a 4 gallon tank.... $200.00 for an extra 1/2 gallon is expensive..

You Sir, are a machine!!! I can easily drain my 100oz'er in 50 miles at race pace(snail pace?).

Lip, what I meant was, I would fill up the Camelbak about 4 times throughout the race and still wasn't enough.

I have tried the "GU" stuff, yes it works pretty well. For this race I had to hire a pit crew service, I figured giving them goggles and food would slow the pitting down by them spending precious minutes looking for my personal stuff marked with my number... I just didn't want to hassle with it....(I should have) :D

Way to go Dan!!!!

You are a STUD! I always look forward to your race stories. You done real good! Thanks for sharing the pics and story. You'll get'em next time! WOW! I would give my left *** for a 2nd in the expert class.

Fryboy :)


That was toughest race experience I've ever done. Was it harder than Vegas to Reno? The miles 200-250 are just a blur. But I learned more at that race than any other in the last couple years. I gave up at mile 275. But then a guy came up and gave me a packet of ---www.ultimareplenisher.com --within 20 minutes i went from DNFer to Speedy Gonzalez--it was amazing...only wish i had had this stuff from the begining of the race..Order a case and dump some in your camelback. You would have beat Troy by 30 minutes with electrolite in your system...especially at that level of exhaustion.

Congrats of finishing well and getting the 02 plate. You wanna do the 1000?

and thanks for the beers...


came up and gave me a packet of ---www.ultimareplenisher.com --within 20 minutes i went from DNFer to Speedy Gonzalez--it was amazing...only wish i had had this stuff from the begining of the race..Order a case and dump some in your camelback

This stuff has LOTS of B vitamins and other good things in it....thanks for the link. I have to avoid most of the so-called "sports drinks", most of them have 25+ grams of sugar...not good for my hi blood sugar!

Rich Baker

Nice job, Dan. It takes pure guts to finish when you are just beat. It's frustrating to think you got so close to first, but just think of how you would feel if you had quit like LOTS of other people!

It's times like this that show your true character.


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