surgeory for osgood schlatters?

I have this in both of my knees with the left being the worst. I first got diagnosed with it when i was about 12 with the doctor saying i would grow out of it in a year or so, and 8 years later i still have it. There is a lump of bone under the tendon and just about everything bothers it even walking. My orthopedic guy mentioned a surgery where he'd go in, have to cut the tendon/muscle, cut the top of that bump off, grind the rest down, and reset everything. He explained how that if the part he cut off was set too low i'd have weak knee's but if it was set too high it would be no different than what i got. I'll try to dig up the x-rays for you to look at. Also, aside from surgery what can i do to try and help this? Would a good brace like the asterisk one help or would i be wasting money?


I am not sure if surgical treatment would actually make one very much better, but braces for this problem will have little to offer.

is there anything i can do to help it? the bone under the muscle isnt going anywhere so thats why the doctor told me about the surgery because im sort of stuck with it more or less.

I had osgood growing up and it didn't go away until a couple years ago now I'm 25. Doesn't sound like treatment plans have gotten too much better. Sorry to hear it's still sticking around with you It sucks

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