best track in florida?


just want to know what your guys opinions are on the best motocross track in florida and why.

Pax has the best dirt and big jumps.

Bostwick is a fun track with good dirt.

Oh God! Don't start this again.

I always liked Pax Trax and Reddick in ocala

We live only 12 or so miles from Pax and about 50 miles to Reddick.

Motocross....Bostwick rough mean nasty.

Supercross....East Bay groomed technical fun.

From the perspective of a 13 year old not his fat out of shape old man of course!!!

Motocross=Hardrock,,when its race ready. More indoor style=Sunshines new layout! Ultimate indoor style=Eastbay !

I am partial to Bartow MX. This is a wide track with most of the jumps being tabletops with some more technical jumps mixed in. When they combine both tracks which is everyday, except for Sunday I think, decent to good riders average around 2 minute lap times. I average 10 min.

Really wished I lived in North Florida. Nothing but Thundercross and L-Cross down here.

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